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Yes, I am a boy. And yes, I do like shoes. But whatever, I don't care what you guys think now, shoes are great!


Well, not all the shoes…I like sports shoes. To me it seems like they're the most comfortable of their breed. When I talk comfortable here, I mean nicely (and thickly) cushioned. Of course, that would mostly mean that the shoe is kind of heavy and makes your foot look huge, but that is totally fine by me. I love to slip in a shoe and immediately get the feeling of a firm cloud embracing my feet, a soft breeze flowing through the shoe isn't as important to me as it is to other people. I hate those hard and inflexible leather-shoes business people are supposed to wear, stupid business world…

So when it comes to buying shoes for myself, I mostly end up in some sports outfitter or sports-brand outlet. Yes, I must admit that most people would call me a label-fetishist when it comes to shoes, but I like N**e-shoes! Sorry, but they look great (except their running-shoes - fyi: there are no good looking running-shoes on this planet) and they make the best basketball-shoes.

My all-time favourites (of those which I personally owned) are my blue-grey N**e Free Trainer, I loved them because they made me feel like I'm not wearin' any shoes plus they were so flexible, my all-white N**e ehm…Force Max something…, I don't quite remember the exact name, but I played the season in which we advanced one division with them and now they're hanging on my wall…good times, my white-blue N**e Air Zoom Generation aka the first "LeBrons", which I totally adored because they probably were the most comfortable shoes I ever had and they weren't so fastly destructible either, and, last but not least, all my V**s, because I like them for what they are: not so expensive, simple but colorful lifestyle-slip-ons!

(right now I can remember a couple more shoes I really liked, but I guess the ones I mentioned above are pretty much the best)

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