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For about a month now I totally fell in love with Coldplay! I already liked them a lot before that, but now, I'm seriously obsessed with their music! Coldplay is definitely one of the most popular and successful bands of our time and I dare to say that they also perform some of the best concerts of our time. That is partly because all the audience knows the songs and there are so many parts to sing along. I haven't been to a concert YET, but I have seen a lot of videos and every time I watch one of them it is such a blast! It's so fun to see Chris Martin talk to the crowd and make little jokes. There are so very many great songs throughout their albums, I can't even say which of the albums I like the most. Recently I have listened a lot to their "LeftRightLeftRightLeft" live album (which they are offering for free on their website - such a great gesture) recently. But of course, it is so different to X&Y, A Rush of Blood to the Head, Parachutes and Viva la Vida because those are so well mixed with songs that work together really well. So, in conclusion - and I know I might be sounding like a stupid fanboy here, I don't care - Coldplay's music is one of incredible beauty. When you listen to a song (in my case that would be Viva la Vida live or Fix you live from the recent album) and you get shivers and a smile on your face every single time you hear the opening sounds, you just know that exactly this is your kind of music. Enjoy... Thank you Jonny Buckland, Will Champion, Guy Berryman and Chris Martin (yes, even they're names are cool).
2.8.09 04:39


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