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sundown / sunrise / twilight

Today I wanted to go to basketball practise but I got terribly screwed on my way, couldn't find the team or the gym or both, BUT, as I was frustratedly driving back home, I saw this beautiful scene with the evening sun slowly coming down to the "taunus". I was sad, that I didn't have a camera on board and kept thinking of that beautiful scene, so I came home, took the camera and drove back there. It was a very rewarding decision, because what I got to see there was amazingly - or, as I like to say these days, hauntingly - beautiful. I love the light and the beautiful cooperation between the clouds, the sky and the sun on the horizon or over some mountains/hills. So I took around 60 photos in about half an hour and when I came back I transfered the pictures to my Mac. They weren't as nice as I thought they could be. Still, what I saw whiletaking those photos was so ridiculously beautiful, it kind of made my day (besides a nice phone call I just got). I was looking through the lens and with the telephoto lens I could look at the sun directly without blinking or any other effect that comes with looking at the sun normally. I saw this glowing round ball, giving the sky and the clouds around it soft and warm colors. I mean, I was looking through the lens and I bet if the photos I took would have exactly reflected what I saw there, I could sell those things for good money. All I wanted to du was zoom in closer and closer so that I would feel nearer to this amazing star that donates his light to out little planet. I guess, I'm just repeating myself over and over here, but the views were so beautiful...words cannot describe that really. I still hope you're getting what I wanted to say here...
22.7.09 22:44


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