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The three basic beauties

There are three very basic beauties for me: One, my girlfriend, two,  food and three, nature, nature's phenomena respectively.


It's as simple as that. Really.


PS: When starting this blog, I should probably add that I believe that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, of course, and that I will also talk about beauties for the mind and soul.

26.2.09 23:43


Certainly one of my favourite foods, pizza is an absolute beauty!

Although I must admit, outside of Italy, there is surely no pizza that can compete with an original Italian, but a pizza a week is nearly a must for me! I love the warm and soft cheese, combined with the nearly liquid tomato and some olive oil, of course. Sometimes I prefer the crisp, at other times the more airy bottom, but a 0.5 cm mix of both is the best choice I think.

Original or not, self-made or from a restaurant, even frozen, I will take it in most cases. The original margarita will do, pepperoni is nice too, but I like it best with some fresh veggies (paprika, corn, onions etc.) and a little spicy.

The good thing about pizza is that I don't have to be hungry for it, that it is not a huge dish and doesn't take too much time to serve, therefore I can eat one at almost any given time a day, the later, the better.


I love food…

27.2.09 19:24


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