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First: I do not drink alcohol whatsoever. No champagne, no beer, no wine, nothing! I even avoid food cooked or baked with alcohol. So I'm just talking non-alcohol drinks here.


But a drink, even a glass of water, is a beautiful thing! If there was no such thing called "bladder", I would drink all day. But there is, so I drink way too little (my doctor, girlfriend and mom says&hellip :-/.

It's so beautiful because there are so many different kinds and you can mix them all! There are juices, lemonades, teas, coffees, waters and lots of chemical stuff :-D. I love to mix juices with water (sometimes I even mix orange juice with coke) or create my own non-alcohol cocktails and drink them out of those cone-shaped Martini-glasses, always cold / with ice cubes. Also, other than very many people, I believe that there are many different types of water which can taste very differently.

There are four drinks I especially enjoy: Coke (Coca-Cola or Pepsi Maxx, a cold glass, maybe with a bit or fresh lime-juice, is THE most refreshing thing), ice tea (Arizona ice tea flavours are the best, even if they do not have mango), root beer (once discovered in Canada, never forgotten again, A&W root beer is just awesome, I will take Barg's too) and freshly squeezed orange juice (a little sweet, a little sour, it is pure joy to the tongue and throat.

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