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Certain shows are really great!

There are certain TV shows I really like, mostly funny stuff, of course, I don't like all the drama and hospital stories too much...


Here's a top 5:

1. FRIENDS: I absolutely adore friends! I'm sure no show in the world is either more funny or has better characters than FRIENDS. The humor and the storyline throughout the 10 seasons is simply great. I know each and every one of the 236 episodes and I like all of them, except the very last one (wanna know why? long story short: it's just too hollywood). I could write a whole book why I like this show so very much, so I'm gonna keep it short here and write an own blog-entry for the show sometime.


2. The Bill Cosby Show: Definitely a childhood memory. Bill Cosby is so coooool! In my childhood I watched the episodes every summer with my parents on TV, and a great thing about it is that it is so educational. Kids can learn so much from the adorable family. And Bill's giant sandwiches are so nice...


3. How I met your mother: I haven't watched a whole lot, but I already know that the storyline is so well made. The relationship of Lily and Marshall is so lovely and Barney is legendary ;-). It reminds me a lot of FRIENDS, so many elements of the show are similar, but the characters are different. Maybe more childish and therefore the show deals with other themes, but I think the main theme of both is love and the way the producers/writers dealt with it is awesome.


4. Numb3rs: Charlie is a mathematic freak, and I like that a lot. The way show combines his maths and the mostly very complicated cases is pretty cool because through the way of Charlie's explaining, the viewer actually gets to learn a little bit and recognizes where maths is involved. I know that a lot of the connections are utopian, but that's not the point here. And I want to add that the character of Larry is so adorable, the combination af knowledge and confusion is so funny and 'cute'...


5. The War at Home: It's hilarious how the parents, especially Dave of course, make fun of their children. The producer/writer implemented their own childhood experiences very well and creates a new picture of parents in general. In addition, Vicky is good-looking…and the kids are all freaks! In this show, I also don't like the very last episode, but it kinda makes sense that it's a vicious circle for the parents to always have the kids in the house. This element is also part of "The Bill Cosby Show".

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